Why should men submit to women?


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Why must men submit to women with pure hearts?

In this article, I will briefly explain the reasons, from my point of view, on why men should submit to women (only those who are freed from evil and in contact with God). This voluntary submission of men to women with pure hearts is for me a necessity for the proper functioning of this world.

Here are the reasons why men must submit to women are obvious:

  • Women are more in touch with their hearts, love and intuitions than men. This allows them to do more of God’s will in the matter and to do what is to be done is generally done in the right way. Here, you should know that God resides in the heart and not in the head. Men, meanwhile, are often stuck at the top of the tower (the head) and they think they are intelligent and powerful, but in the end they are, in my opinion, inferior to women since they live in another reality. which is not very bright by the way … which is called mental prison.
  • Women are generally less possessed by evil and darkness than men. God gives them some protection from the evil that men do not have. Menstruation is a way God has given women to free themselves from evil every month.
  • Many of the problems that women experience are due to the fact that they submit to men (and their inner darkness) and that they are not usually in their power because of fear. Women are among other things then fill and dirty by men and they then begin to have problems and respond to what is installed of not bright in men.
  • If we are honest here to understand the reasons why men should submit to women with pure heart, ask yourself these 2 questions and you will understand my point: are the prisons of this world mainly filled with women or men? Are the greatest criminals in this world male or female? The answer to these two questions is men, since they are almost all greatly disturbed, but very few are able to recognize it.
  • Who set up the laws and the way of functioning and governing in this chaotic and routed planet in this world? Well, most of them are still men, because they have occupied positions of power since the beginning of time. In religions, it is still men who figure as authorities. In governments, it is mainly men who lead.

With the few examples I have just shared with you, you will understand that men are closer to the beast than women. In short, if you are a woman freed from evil and with a pure heart I invite you to assume yourself and be proud of what you are, be in your power under the guidance of your heart and stop submitting to men and being afraid. Learn to take a stand and assert yourself and stop being manipulated by the money that may be keeping you in the wolf’s hands. If you are a man, I invite you to do as I did, I recognized my deficiencies and my handicap, because I am a man. This recognition of the facts is the first step necessary for a man if he wishes to evolve, to free himself, to transform himself, to approach God to become the new man. If you want to know in detail what possesses humans and how you release them I invite you to read my books on the Teachings of Consciousness. The man (the woman also) who is not able to open his eyes and to understand that the woman is less disturbed than him (although there are sometimes exceptions), this man, he will never approach of God (his heart) and will thus continue to screw up the mess in this world and within relationships. So I submitted to my wife voluntarily and I put myself in her service. I love him with all my heart and I help him to take more and more power every day.

 If you are a man and you do not find a woman with a pure heart (freed from evil), I invite you to submit to the Divine Mother (The Virgin Mary) by praying her every day, you will be guided to your destiny. You must know that in addition to submitting to the woman of my life I also submitted to the Divine Mother (the Virgin Mary) by praying to her every day. Submission and prayer to the Virgin Mary is also a great way to help women and men break free from evil and have a pure heart. 

I dream of a day when women with pure hearts will rule this world, I am referring here to women who live in the heart not to those who are caught in mental prison like men and like many women who are in politics Nowadays. When the women who live in the heart rule this world it will come out of the darkness in which it has been plunged for too long.

Thank you for sharing the link of this article, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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