Why humans and people with autism are drugged with cheese, meat and sugar …


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Why humans and people with autism are drugged with cheese, meat and sugar …

It is very interesting to see, especially when you no longer eat meat, sugar and cheese – I am a vegan by the way – how human beings and autistic people are addicted to food. In fact, most people are so in the grip of taste that it is no longer them who decide what to eat. Here, although it is the different food industries that dictate the rule and encourage you to eat this or that food, meat, sugar in abundance and dairy products, know that these industries also take away your ability to think. Why ?

See for yourself the explanation of this doctor in this video, these same foods that you ingest, act in the same way as drugs do on the brain, that’s why humans are addicted and that the consumption of these foods cause many problems both in terms of physical and mental health but hardly anyone talks about them. I urge you to stop using these well-disguised and publicized drugs, especially if you have autism and want to have fewer problems. The doctor in the video forgot to mention the harmful effects of gluten…

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Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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