Where and how to get all the love you need?


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Where and how to get all the love you need?

In this world, you may have realized that humans do all kinds of things to be loved, to be recognized, to be appreciated, useful and valued, which is not bad in itself … But, hidden very far in the world. ‘unconscious, is the engine of these actions which is often conditioned by the lack of love, recognition and the suffering which results from it.

Of course here, these different actions to obtain love can either be positive or negative, the important thing is to obtain love to fill the void. Thus, the suffering human being who seeks recognition and love for others, is ready to do almost anything to obtain it. He is even ready to perform, whether in a way which is not always respectful for him to obtain love and compliments, whether in relation to family, studies, work, sport. , wealth, power, material goods and others…

Suffering human beings do this because they need to be loved and recognized, because internally there is suffering which is characterized by a lack of love or an inner emptiness which needs to be filled, and that, whether this lack is conscious or not. Humans therefore try, by the nature of their actions (which are not always respectful for them), to obtain love to fill this interior void because love is an energy which fills the interior void and it is necessary for life.

The problem with this relentless search for love and recognition of humans is that they never feel fully satisfied. The inner void cannot be completely filled, no matter what they do: be it prime minister, recognized artist, accomplished sportsperson, mom at home, employee, manager or others… Human beings are thus always more in a situation of stress, because he continually seeks what he can do and accomplish others to fill this inner void.

On this subject, I have bad and good news to teach you: no matter what you do and accomplish in this world, you can never completely fill this void, because no human being on this Earth and no accomplishment or achievement cannot give you what you need to fill that void and no longer suffer. Some may not agree with my words and say that they have no emptiness and suffering because they come true in their lives, but know that they have it anyway, it is only that they are not aware of it since their attention is no longer in them, but outside them. Now that you know this bad news,

Before going further, understand that the majority of humans when they live on Earth, they are like people living in the desert in the constant search of drinking water (love and gratitude) to fill their gourds (the interior vacuum) which is almost always dry. They try then as I explained previously to put in place all kinds of strategies and choices to try to survive and get water (love and recognition). The lack of water leads humans to be in survival mode and in continuous search for water outside of them to be rewarded for their good deeds or their prowess, but the problem here is that the gourd of everyone is empty. All human gourds are almost all dry, so they cannot give you all the water you need, because they are already deficient in themselves, just like you, they are desperately looking for water. The reward obtained and ephemeral will then be only a few drops of water from other humans for your efforts as a thank you since everyone is dry. These few small drops may quench your thirst for a moment, but the next day you will be thirsty again, because your water bottle will be empty again and you will have to use other strategies to get a little more water, because it is necessary for your survival in this world of suffering (the desert). This mode of survival obviously places humans in a situation of continual stress.

You should know that no matter what you do, no one can completely fill your gourd and quench your thirst for love. Why ? Because the love you crave is the food your soul needs and it is not found in others. So no achievement, human being or group of human beings can fully and abundantly fill your water bottle and quench your thirst completely, no matter what you do and your level of accomplishment. So stop struggling in a desert where there is practically no water left and sit comfortably and I will explain where and how to get the water (love).

By the way here, if you have not fully understood the metaphor, know that your gourd is in your heart just like your soul is and that the source of water or love that you are looking for is God who, when you take the time to turn to Him and ask Him for it, He has the ability to fill your gourd (your heart and soul) with all the water (Love) you need each day of your life so that you will never be thirsty again.

If you turn to Him, you will no longer be in a situation of stress and ceaseless search for water in your daily actions, because God will have filled your gourd, your heart with all the water and the love you need. . You will be able to live better in peace on this Earth now that your thirst is quenched. You will no longer be a suffering, thirsty slave and will no longer run after the love and recognition of others and will no longer seek to vampirize them with their energy and their water. In addition, what others think of you will no longer be important to you, because you will find your pleasure in receiving this water from God and not that of humans, This simple exchange with God will fill your heart and your gourd daily with all the and love you need.

In closing, I sincerely hope that you understand that:

The source of love is not found in humans, in your parents, in your children, in your relationships, in your work, in your achievements, in the recognition that you will obtain from others, but in God.

Seeking love in humans is the equivalent of looking for water in the desert and the result is only the production of ever more suffering, dependence, disease and even death.

In the book May the Light of God Be , I explain the technique of the Higher Self which is the means that I use so that God fills my heart daily with his love.

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May God bless you and peace be with you!

Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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