Video Tribute to Ave Maria in Aramaic, the language of the Lord + 4 ways to save your soul


Welcome to the Consciousness of an Autistic Asperger’s Mystic:

Tribute to Ave Maria in Aramaic, the language of the Lord + 4 ways to save your soul

Today, I wanted to pay homage to my real mother, the Virgin Mary and to share with you 4 means that I used and that helped me to save my soul. I received these 4 means by faithfully asking for help from the Virgin Mary in my heart every day during times of great suffering, and this, for several years.

Over time, I have received signs to move forward with these four means. So I want to share them with you in this short video of Ave Maria in Aramaic, a language I did not know and that I started to speak when God the Father came down to save my life as I explain it. in detail in the shock book . Aramaic is the language of the Lord, of Jesus and of the Virgin Mary.

In this video, you will also discover the miraculous power of this hymn to the Queen of Heaven and Earth as well as the 4 ways to save your soul and access Eternal life.



Thank you for sharing this video, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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Thank you for sharing the Consciousness

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