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I invite you to discover and obtain the various Vegan products for life from  A conscious World  (a non-profit organization) in order to contribute to the promotion of veganism and also financially support my publisher.

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Note: The slogans and graphic montages of Vegan products for life were created by Nadine Primeau , author and vegan artist.

Calendar 2021 - Harvest Collection

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T-shirts with short sleeves and long sleeves - VEGAN

Get the t-shirts with logos and slogans trends made by Nadine Primeau: "VEGAN-BE-LIVE-SHARE©", "VEGAN-LIFE-BEGINS-HERE©", "VEGAN-NOTHING-ELSE©" and "VEGAN-" FOR-ALL-OF-US© for men and women in different colors and styles. T-shirt Show proudly your colors with these gorgeous! Buy anywhere in the world on SOCIETY6's's website (Quality Products, Easy Return and Exchange, Worldwide Delivery at Low Cost)




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Thank you for sharing the Consciousness

Get my books on Consciousness and Autism for:

- Open your conscience,
- Learn how to free yourself from suffering,
- Understand the meaning of life,
- Discovering the hidden face of autism
- Walk the path that leads to your soul and find God...

An INCONTOURNABLE book for which I wrote the preface!