The perverse effect of modern food: or why become vegan


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The perverse effect of modern food: or why become vegan

To understand what I am saying, I invite you to watch the video below. As we commonly say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this video, you will discover the perverse effect of modern food.

Why perverse? Because the way people eat today is accepted by everyone. It goes against the well-being of the body, health in general and makes people addicted.

Why perverse? Because people have given businesses the responsibility to feed them.

Because people have become lazy and it’s easier to open your mouth without cooking.

I know my words are direct but it is up to the common people to reclaim the food, the one that exists without chemicals, without pesticides, without too much modification, the one that cooks and that requires a little time and love .

Eating food on which we want to make money at the expense of human nature is nothing more or less to be filled with unconsciousness and a morbid destiny. Good viewing.


Thank you for sharing the link on this page as it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and Peace be with you!

Sun Melchizedek
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic


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