The hidden reason why humans eat meat, revealed in this video


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The hidden reason why humans eat meat, revealed in this video

True to myself, I am likely to want to understand in depth, I present here a video that explains very well why humans eat meat these days. This video directly appealed to me because, several years ago, like in this video, I myself was confronted in my habits because my spouse at the time was raising small animals and that then I had to eat the “meat”. You will understand that what I saw on my plate was not “meat” in my eyes, but many pieces of corpses, from the animals I had fed and taken care of. I also describe the episode where a pig was killed before my eyes in my article humans and autistic carnivores eat animals, event which was the initiator towards my veganism.

In short, After watching this video, you will certainly understand what keeps you in your desire to eat meat. You may have the desire to get out of it to go directly to veganism without having to walk the route I went through.

Good viewing !


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The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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