The Gospel of the Twelve – Rev. GJ Ouseley – The Gospel of the Twelve


The Gospel of the Twelve – Rev. GJ Ouseley – The Gospel of the Twelve

The Gospel of the Twelve originally translated from Aramaic to English by Gédéon Gaspard Richard Ouseley. The Gospel of the Twelve is considered an “Apocryphal” Gospel (name used to designate modern texts of ancient Christianity, which are not found in the New Testament and which are not accepted by the Catholic Church).

The Gospel of the Twelve presents a vegetarian version of the traditional teachings and events described in the canonical New Testament. The first collection was published by: “The Order of At-One-Ment and United Templars Society” – an edition of The Translator’s Gospel of the Twelve, which Rev. Gédéon Gaspard Richard Ouseley had published in 1881. The explanatory preface referred to an ancient manuscript “preserved in the monasteries of Tibet” which was never falsified or modified by the men of the church. In some subsequent editions of the Gospel of the Twelve published in the early 1900s, however, the anonymous publishers mentioned different information as to how the content of the Gospel of the Twelve would have been obtained.

The Gospel of the Twelve remains unrecognized and has been rejected by religious authorities. The true seekers of truth will find in the rejection of this Gospel a sign that the Gospel of the Twelve is the True Gospel of Jesus, because the truth has always been hidden and discredited in this world. To discover the true teaching of Jesus present in The Gospel of the Twelve, I invite you to discover the following book:



Jesus said NO to meat in the Gospel of the Twelve,


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