The destructive madness of minions in children


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The destructive madness of minions in children

The minions … Do you know these characters from films that are very widespread and popular with children? I am sure it does! Because even if you have not seen these films, several unscrupulous companies have seized this financial opportunity to create a multitude of derivative products bearing the image of minions, then they are everywhere! These companies that keep the economy going have even created food, cereals, games of all kinds and so on. In short, it is a kind of madness which surrounds these minions so the craze is great. Why are these minions created? This is the question to ask. So of course that your children fall in love with it but also possessed and disturbed by these creatures which at first sight seem very nice.

Of course, these characters who seem harmless, especially when we do not understand what they left in the unconscious, are loved . Unfortunately by being also loved, the energy or the subliminal message of these creatures is printed perfectly in the physical body and the subconscious of the children for a greater effectiveness in destroying the life… In this article, I will therefore share the face hidden minions, but first, I leave you a clue in pictures …



I must tell you that the first time I saw minions, they made me think of something. At first, I was not sure what it was about. On several occasions, I saw them pass and each time I questioned myself, without knowing much. One day, this question which remained unanswered was answered … In a vision that presented itself to me, I immediately knew what they were. The minions revealed themselves to me in their hidden side: they were in all points like capsules!

So now, when I see minions, I can’t help but see a blue and yellow pharmaceutical pill or some drug pill disguised as a happy character with glasses and big eyes.

Tell yourself that there is no chance in this whole cute invention. Minions are part of the shadow plan to sow among other things in the subconscious of children the association between the consumption of a pill and happiness. Indeed , with the minions, the program that is sown in children and the population without their knowledge is as follows: “To be happy, if one day you are unhappy or suffering, come in large numbers to buy our pills and our various drugs to rediscover happiness and the joy of living. ”

As for me, I believe that the energy that emanates from the minions, always according to what I feel, also contributes to anaesthetize the conscience and life in people. They are created to turn people into zombies who will become easily manipulated and who will later make good slaves for the system. Why ? Because they will be under the influence of a drug that creates illusory happiness.

I am sad to see that children are fertile land and are used by the shade industry to sow this fertile land and make them very good future clients and servants of the system. This death industry that destroys life and keeps souls in darkness does this with your children.

I invite you to reflect on my words and know that there is no chance in this plan so well articulated by the rulers of this world and the minions are part of it. I recently learned that teachers used minions as their main theme throughout the school year to spark children’s interest in learning. Ouff !!! I am sorry to tell you that unconscious teachers are participating in this propaganda plan to properly program these children throughout an entire school year to be future users of legal drugs and docile servants of the system.

So that’s my opinion about the minions. Now do you see these capsules?



Now that you know, you can, if you wish, take conscious action and choose whether or not to be a puppet of the system by no longer buying these minion products, for example.

Thank you for sharing the link of this article, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Sun Melchizedek
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic


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