Specism or why choose to eat a cow and not a cat!


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Specism or why choose to eat a cow and not a cat!

If you do not know what speciesism is, I wanted here to show you visually what it is. This Washington DC artist, Dana Ellyn, demonstrates this very well with her paintings that open the consciousness of sleeping humans (by the way, I have already been a sleeping human) who will shock more than one but who represent reality in bond with humans who eat dead animals.

Why show speciesism? Because humans choose to eat particular species, animals more than others, when they shouldn’t eat any.

They discriminate and believe that some species should be eaten and others not. They drool at the sight of beef or pork but cry when attacked their pet.

But in reality, veganism is for me a necessity to restore order in the wrong concepts of people because we are in 2015. Humans can no longer afford to continue to kill billions of animals each year in the name taste or what looks good in the mouth and feed on their corpses; a real carnage worthy of a horror film. Welcome to the darkness of life on Earth. Are you participating in this carnage and the darkness on Earth by eating meat? Me no ! I stopped doing it. Please stop discriminating please!

Explanatory video on speciesism

Dana Ellyn – Painter on speciesism


Personal website of the artist:   http://www.danaellyn.com/

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May God bless you and peace be with you!

Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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