Shock Book: Get out of the illusion and find God, Written by a Mystic with Asperger Syndrome




After reading this book, which is the result of God’s will, you will be transformed and your vision of the world in which you live will never be the same again. The author gives you, among other things, unpublished and powerful information on what is happening energetically in the different systems of society. It also highlights the origin of human suffering in a way that will leave no one indifferent. Prepare to live the shock of your life!

The most courageous people who will finish this book will discover the way to go to unite with God, nothing less. The author is in close relationship with God and the various energy plans, since his childhood. This book is based on Divine Knowledge that he carries in him as well as on his experiences of life in the plans of matter and energy. Will you have the courage to step out of the illusion and find God?


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Testimonials from readers

I understand that some people did not like this book because it has the capacity to awaken the shadow that is slumbering in each of us like a torch in the darkness. If this shadow is hidden in the bottom of the closet, it will be awake. If you run away from it, it will be stuck reading this book. In short, I recommend this book to anyone who dares to look in the mirror and who is not afraid to wake up and evolve. A book that makes the human being conscious: to wake up or stay asleep, to create renewal or to continue feeding systems that no longer work, to become free or to remain a slave.   Paul, France, source :

I am a fan of your books, I bought the Shock Book and the book Free yourself from the root of evil because I felt in my body different discomforts. Now it’s wonderful everything is perfect and I keep using it every day because it really saved my life. I also have the book Autism Reviewed, the book of initiatic tales, may the Light of God be, Julianna…. Simply a BIG thank you! »Micheline, Quebec, SOURCE : Contact form Un Monde Conscient

Pierre-André, your book greatly moved me, during the reading of it I was shocked by many of your words and I understood why some people will not understand and will not like your book because its content brings to light all that I did not want to see about myself and about life. To open one’s conscience requires a lot of courage. I am very happy to have read your book, I now understand why I suffer internally and I intend to continue with your other books the work of awareness and liberation. Thanks again for this shock book, I needed this shock in my life!  Anonymous, SOURCE : Un Monde Conscient testimonial form

5 Star – Very good book, good reading, Thank youL Dupret, Source:

An extraordinary encounter with an extraordinary consciousness… I give thanks to God…. Blessed is Pierre André Pelletier.It is very wise for those who still wish to save their Soul to read his works…of pure lightC.Henrion, Source: Facebook


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An INCONTOURNABLE book for which I wrote the preface!