Miracles, Healings and Transformations: Rosary of the Virgin Mary


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Miracles, Healings and Transformations: Rosary of the Virgin Mary

Today, in this article, I will share with you why it is important (I would even say necessary) to recite daily the rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as how to recite the rosary. This also applies to people with autism because they need the connection with God to live better on earth.

First, I must tell you that the daily recitation of the rosary has been part of my life since the day when the Virgin Mary presented herself to me in answer to my prayers to ask me to recite the Rosary daily in order to ” get what I asked for through my prayers. I have indeed, by the daily recitation of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary, obtained what I asked for and much more besides, and this cycle of grace, miracles and blessings continues in my life and it is stakeholder.

Why recite the rosary daily?

You should know that when you recite the rosary  you are making a covenant with the Virgin Mary, the Lord Jesus and God the Father. On the energy level, energy conduits are created between you and them and these grow over time. Through these energy conduits and this alliance you:

  • Receive in your aura the divine purifying fire which progressively liberates you from the non-beneficial energies at the origin of suffering and difficulties.
  • Receive divine graces and everything you really need to draw closer to God. (Which is different from your personality desires)
  • This ever-growing Divine Light that settles in your aura will gradually transform you into a new person.
  • In persistence in daily recitation of the Rosary, the Virgin Mary may agree to adopt you and be your new Mother. You will then change families … your soul is then saved.

Remember that the Virgin Mary is the bearer of all the graces of God, which means that she can do everything and that nothing is impossible for Her.

In my experience, in this world, if you are not with God, the Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus, you are by default in darkness. So the solution to establish contact with them and thus transform your life and save your soul, is the daily recitation of the rosary as I allude in my book May The Light of God Be . This is why it is important to allow time daily for the practice of the rosary, you get great blessings from it.

How long after practicing the rosary  do the blessings arrive, 1 week, 6 months, 3 years ..?

I do not know, it is different from one person to another, but it is not important since know that even if the blessings are not visible quickly you transform yourself internally, you release your aura, you you always connect more with God each time you recite the rosary. And one day, the current flows so strongly between you and God that your life changes, you are transformed, miracles and healings happen in your life. In short, you are rewarded for your efforts, for your perseverance, for your faith and for your will to be with God. I know what I’m talking about, because this is what happened to me personally, I experienced it and it continues…

Perseverance and faith are necessary qualities to be with God.

How to recite the Rosary and make a novena to the Virgin Mary?

You can refer to my book May the Light of God Be or in the PDF document below for the instructions for the recitation of the rosary and the novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This information comes from the website:  www.fatima.org.



PRAY THE ROSARY: Download and print the pdf version.

Do you wantrosary to go further on the way?

Meditation-embody-the-truth-of-heaven-meditation-audioPierre-Andre Pelletier-autistic-sprayThe Virgin Mary appeared to me when I prayed to Her and She shared with me affirmations of truth that you will find in this Meditation: Embodying the TRUTH of Heaven – To create the Divine on Earth (Sorry, only available in French at the moment)


In closing, with all my heart, I wish you to have the courage, the will and the perseverance to make a special place for God in your life and to devote a minimum of 30 minutes a day for the recitation of the rosary for you. transform, draw closer to God, receive his graces and save your soul.

Dear Mother, Virgin Mary, I share as you ask me the existence of the rosary on my blog, because I know that in your Sacred Heart you want to find your children who are lost in this world. Your humble servant and devotee who loves you with all his heart and with all his soul.

Thank you for sharing the link of this article, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Sun Melchizedek
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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