Jesus said no to meat in The Gospel of the Holy Twelve; The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, uncovered and uncensored




In an era when masks are falling and many truths come to light, pure-hearted truth seekers will be answered with this uncovered and uncensored Gospel where Jesus, through His teachings, explains to humanity why He says NO to the meat.

“ Verily I say unto you, for this end have I come into the world, that I may put away all blood offerings and the eating of the flesh of the beasts and the birds that are slain by men. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Jesus, chapter 75, verse 9

“ In the beginning, God gave to all, the fruits of the trees, and the seeds, and the herbs, for food; but those who loved themselves more than God, or their fellows, corrupted their ways, and brought diseases into their bodies, and filled the earth with lust and violenceThe Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Jesus, chapter 75, verse 10

“ Because compassion and love are true and entire only to all forms of life, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will recognize in the depths of their soul the true teaching of Jesus and will apply it in their life. Pierre-André Pelletier’s preface


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I have translated this book into French and I am the author of the preface. A MUST READ…




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Testimonials from readers

5.0 out of 5 stars – Five Stars – An Invaluable resource, and complete Gospel.
By Jeffery Roger Justice, source :

The Gospel of the Twelve is a completely surprising, disturbing and comforting book at the same time. I adored this gospel, because I really felt in my heart the truths which it contains as well as all the love and the compassion of Jesus towards all forms of life. He is a different Jesus whom I met through this book. It is a Jesus who clearly put me in front of my personal inconsistencies and who leads me to change things in my life which causes me suffering and problems. In addition, I discovered the consequences of my actions. The text of the preface is punchy and disturbing, but in my opinion necessary for me to evolve. Thank you for this masterpiece that I recommend to anyone who has the courage and the desire to evolve and transform.  Thank you DS source: A Conscious World testimonial form

It is a wonderful book to read without fail. A. Lavoie Canada, Source: Translator’s FB page

5.0 out of 5 stars – READ AND READ AND READ. Good first I am vegan by choice so how not to love this book which is true! I accept the other choices and am tolerant ,,,,,, the choice is made to me after a spiritual evolution based on the teaching of christ and of Buddha ,,,, nothing to explain, do not collide because it is to find excuses but to try to understand, to remove the masks, to be more and more non violent and the understanding of these words will be crystal clear for you and what a joy to feel creation, to respect all life, the veils will rise and magnificent things await you and you will feel in harmony with nature, with all life !!! c is the Perfect life ,,,,,, Any , France, Source:

5.0 out of 5 stars – We Can Eat Without Eating Flesh: That’s the TRUTH! Stop at farms with 1000 cows, force-feeding geese, intensive breeding of all kinds, bullfights, hunting…. A SHAME FOR THE HUMANITY OF THE 21ST CENTURY !!!! Jesus gives us one last warning in this medium-delivered work: Those who will continue to eat the flesh will bear the sinister consequences through their physical bodies… And in their Life to come… Kardec, France, Source:

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An INCONTOURNABLE book for which I wrote the preface!