Humans and autistic carnivores eat animals



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Humans and autistic carnivores eat animals

Today I’m going to talk to you about animals. Have you ever eaten any?

I am sure that YES because on my side, I have to do my mea-culpa, I have already eaten animals or more precisely, I have already eaten and deposited dead animals in my stomach when I was unconscious and I did like everyone else: when I was asleep, I ate meat. I have not only eaten animals but I have also eaten antibiotics, vaccines, hormones as well as all the chemicals used by humans which were used to make this creature profitable and profitable for the consumer industry some corpses. In my own way, and out of lack of conscience, I contributed to the dark world industry producing corpses, so I was in other words, and like most people, a lazy murderer.

You have to open your eyes! This satanic industry commits 150 billion murders each year, yes, you read that right, 150 billion animals are killed each year to feed unconscious humans. If you eat or have eaten meat, you are responsible for some of these murders and this recurring genocide.

For my part, when I ate meat, by paying to buy this meat, I paid by the same fact a slaughterhouse and other human beings to kill the beast that I was going to eat, that’s what I calls to be a lazy murderer. I was cowardly and unconscious and I will explain in the following lines what happened to me so that I finally open my eyes.

One day, God made me live in the countryside to open my eyes. My partner at the time was a carnivore who loved animals and breeding. So I participated in the breeding of small animals intended to be killed and eaten (chickens, turkeys, ducks …) In short, everything was fine for me in the process until the last step which was to kill the animal. When it was time to kill, it was not me who did it, so I realized that I was not able to kill. But I also realized that I had a serious conscience problem because I was eating meat at that time and I was not able to kill the animal that I had to put on my plate myself. I watched my girlfriend at the time take the ax and cut the heads of the chickens, a real horror film was taking place before my eyes. Every time,

That’s not all. Following the increase in our production, I also had to go and bring chickens to the slaughterhouse. I then saw what I was not supposed to see in this slaughterhouse because everything is normally hidden from the public eye. I glimpsed through a door inadvertently left open by an employee, the execution chain, the smell of blood and the corpses everywhere, a real horror film.

I was really ashamed of being a human, a backward and unconscious species. Like a sheep subjected to its mistress (girlfriend of the time), I still needed to live this type of experiences so that I change and that I take the decision to stop eating meat.

To really open my eyes I also had to live the following bad experience which was the breeding of two pigs. As a good employee that I was, I therefore built an enclosure for the breeding of these two pigs. By the way, I never really liked to eat this type of animal, and later I understood why, but in short, it is another subject.

Once the enclosure and the breeding of the pigs finished, followed the slaughter stage. Another horror film once again unfolded before my eyes. An acquaintance of my girlfriend at the time, who was a hunter, arrived home on a Saturday morning to execute the two pigs with his rifle. To do this, I therefore loaded the pigs into a horse trailer to bring them to my neighbor at the time since the execution of the animals and the butchering of the meat had to take place at his home. At the time of the execution, the gunman entered the horse trailer and shot the first pig in the head, three shots were fired.

To make matters worse, the hunter missed the pig. But the problem was that there were no more cartridges in his magazine, so he had to get out of the trailer to get other ammunition from his truck. During all this time which lasted only a few minutes but which seemed to me an eternity, the pig shouted and shouted. The pig was screaming death, it was horrible and unbearable, I felt these cries all over my body. The pig’s cries of death invaded the whole space. I felt really bad about myself and I was really not well because I felt the suffering of the animal in my heart.

Finally, the shot giving death to the beast was given and the cries of death finally stopped. But the script for the horror film was not over; the pig then had to be taken out of the trailer and attached to the shovel of the tractor to deliver it. Again, I was only a spectator of this horrible step, which consisted of cutting the pig by the belly in order to remove the intestine while ensuring that it does not pierce so as not to contaminate meat. There was also the last stage of the carnage, which was that of removing the offal. Then, when this killing stopped, it was still necessary to heat the skin of the pig with a torch to remove the hair by scraping with a knife so as to be able to obtain bacon. The smell of blood, the smell of death, burnt hair, it was too much for me.

To finish my story of how God put in the perfect events to open my eyes, I arrived home around noon completely exhausted and I must tell you that I really did not feel well, I even threw up. In short, some time after this incident, God made me leave the countryside as well as my girlfriend at the time and showed me a day when I really felt not well that the cause of my problem came from the soul of the pig that entered my body and my energy when I witnessed its execution. I also had souls from other animals on which I fed, chickens, oxen and others.

You will understand that after all these experiences, I never eat meat again and I no longer wanted to feel the energy of death in my body. To free myself, I then used the tool of consciousness that I explain in the book Free yourself from the root of evil and the technique of the temple of Light that I explain in the book May the Light of God Be . In short, I spent a fair amount of time repairing the damage that I created to my body and to my energy through my unconsciousness to eat corpses.

If one day you decide to become a vegetarian or vegan just like I am now, you will even have to free your body from the energy of death of all those corpses that you have put in your belly. I repeat because this point is very important: even if you stop eating meat, your body and your energy will be possessed by death due to your actions in the past. If you are reading this article and you are now a dead eater, I invite you to stop eating death because you dig the hole in your grave and make your body a dumping ground and your energy, a place that you could call hell.

Make a decision now to stop feeding your body of rotting corpses and to cleanse and free your body and your energy of death. This planetary genocide of 150 billion animals killed annually must stop and the planetary genocide must stop and it must also stop in humans because they lock their souls in darkness when they eat meat.

Now that you know, you can’t pretend you don’t know. In addition, if you are autistic, you should doubly stop eating it to have less trouble living in this world.

To learn more about the subject and what is happening in this world, I invite you to read my books : Autism, Reviewed And Corrected By A Man With Asperger Syndrome, Shock Book: Get out of the illusion and find God as well that the books Free yourself from the root of evil and the Book May the Light of God be to liberate you and bring your soul out of darkness.

Before concluding, if your heart is still strong enough, I would like to share with you the words of Stevan Harnad, researcher at UQAM, which were made in the journal Québec Humaniste  : he mentioned, in connection with the exploitation of animals, that practically all humans behave exactly like psychopaths. Indeed, and according to him and I quote,

“Psychopaths are living things that are not disturbed by the suffering of other living things. To achieve the goals that suit their taste, psychopaths do not hesitate to make others suffer. »Stevan Harnad

With these words, it is obvious that if humans kill for the taste pleasure that the taste of meat gives them, they are psychopaths, all is said, period!

On this, good reflection!

Thank you for sharing the link of this article, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Sun Melchizedek
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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