Homage to God from an autistic person with Asperger’s syndrome


Welcome to the Consciousness of an Autistic Asperger’s Mystic:

Homage to God from an autistic person with Asperger’s syndrome

Yep, I’m autistic Asperger’s and I love God, the one and only way that makes sense for me in this world because without Him, this world and humans are lost.

Homage to God from an autistic person with Asperger’s syndrome

  • God, You are my reason for being and living in this world.
  • God, serving You and doing Your will is my happiness.
  • God, Your presence in my life fills me with graces and blessings.
  • God, I am blessed by You.
  • God, when I visit You in my heart and when I enter into communion with You I feel in all my soul in all body and in each of my cells Your Love, Your Grace, Your Kindness, Your Power and nothing exists anymore around, only Your presence IS and WILL be forever in me.
  • In this union with You, everything disappears, everything disappears, nothing else in this world matters, because Your presence is so great and refreshing that I am filled.
  • I am overwhelmed because I found You, I have looked for You all my life but I found You.
  • Thank god thank you thank god.
  • Thank you for the trials that You made me live, thank you for having made me visit and explore the darkness of this world,
  • Thank you for making me bathe in the darkness of illusions.
  • Thank you for giving me the gift of Consciousness at my birth.
  • Thank you for everything, because this path is a grace it allowed me to be with You because without You, I would never have found You, because I could never have overcome the enemy and the obstacles that blocked me way to You.
  • Thank you for giving me a companion, the woman of life to help me walk this path.
  • Thank you for helping me walk this path.
  • Thank you for watching over me and all my material needs at all times.
  • Thank you for my new Life.
  • Thank you for raising me from the dead.
  • Thank you for cleaning and purifying my soul.
  • Thank you for giving me eternal life.
  • Thank you for making me a new man.
  • Thank you for transforming my whole being so that I am worthy of being Your humble servant.
  • Thank you for accepting me under Your wing, it is an honor for me to serve You. My soul, my body, my spirit, my heart, my destiny are in Your hands my God.
  • I am at Peace, I am at peace, I am at peace, because You take care of everything, You are the master of masters, the sun of the suns, the God of the Gods, You are All and You can All.
  • Thank you for allowing me in my life to experience Your power, the experience of Your miracles, the experience of Your presence.
  • I found peace with You and in You.
  • My God, my Love for you is indescribable, my Love for you is endless, my Love for you is my reason for being.
  • I love you my Father, I love you My God.

Your humble servant

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May God bless you and peace be with you!

Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

- Text translated from French to English by Machine Translation -
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