Free Yourself From the Root of Evil: Written by a Mystic with Asperger Syndrome (Healing training book)




In this book, the author shares with you the technique of Conscientization and Liberation, which liberates the energies at the origin of human suffering. As a result of the author’s experiences, you will discover a simple and effective method to release the shadow energies on Earth, also known as the root of evil. These energies maintain nothing less than the human being prisoner of suffering and prevent it from being fully Conscious to fulfill its true destiny.

Using this tool of Consciousness, which bridges the gap between matter and energy, you will be amazed to discover the origin of your various energy sufferings and, above all, the simplicity with which you can identify and release them. With this technique you will also be able to identify and release the unlighted energies present in your living space.

From the collection The Teachings of Consciousness, this book is a practical training that allows you to walk on the path of Consciousness in order to unite with God.


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Testimonials from readers

FREE YOURSELF FROM THE ROOT OF EVIL: very clear, I recommend it. surprising what one can discover on oneself.  Anonymous, source :

For more than 12 years I have been teaching, self-taught with a long stay in Latin America and all the reading that I have done, here is a book which, in my opinion, is the seed of the journey to true Consciousness without influence of this superficial momentum of the New Age in full expulsion unfortunately which represents a real danger for the most naive. Sometimes a book can change everything…. this one is one of them! Thanks to Pierre-André Pelletier who reveals his secrets in this indispensable tool to a real path on the spiritual awakening! C. Energy specialist, France, source : Facebook

I passed the first test, reading the Shock Book. Reading your book Free Yourself From the Root of Evil was a revelation for me, because I have been searching for a long time to cure myself of certain problems as well as my anxiety. What I love about the awareness tool is that I was able to clearly identify and release what was causing my anxiety (I also had to change some things in my life which did not suit me to solve this problem). I recommend reading this book and using the awareness tool to all those who wish to discover the origin of their suffering, to free themselves from it, to be autonomous, to regain power over their lives and to learn how to heal themselves. This book is a must ! Anonymous, SOURCE : Un Monde Conscient testimonial form

I am a fan of your books, I bought the Shock Book and the book Free yourself from the root of evil because I felt in my body different discomforts. Now it’s wonderful everything is perfect and I keep using it every day because it really saved my life. I also have the book Autism Reviewed, the book of initiatic tales, may the Light of God be, Julianna…. Simply a BIG thank you! »Micheline, Quebec, SOURCE : Contact form Un Monde Conscient

5 Star – Satisfied with this book, Thank you! L Dupret, Source:

An extraordinary encounter with an extraordinary consciousness… I give thanks to God…. Blessed is Pierre André Pelletier.It is very wise for those who still wish to save their Soul to read his works…of pure light C.Henrion, Source: Facebook


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An INCONTOURNABLE book for which I wrote the preface!