Exercise in autism, a form of exorcism!


Welcome to the Consciousness of an Autistic Asperger’s Mystic:

Exercise in autism, a form of exorcism!

I know that some people may find these comments exaggerated, but know that I am passing on a direct way here to understand why exercise is a must in autism and why it is a form of exorcism. My goal here is only to help certain autistic people to feel better inside and to see more clearly in this world, and not only that they, all people in general, because inner well-being is also possible when we are autistic. You just have to find the way to get there.

As I explained in my book Autism, Reviewed And Corrected By A Man With Asperger Syndrome , autistic people live on a plane of Consciousness different from normal people. So, because of this awareness, they have problems when they capture all kinds of harmful energies that accumulate in their energy field (see the explanations in my book).

Whether it is harmful energies such as emotions, negative thoughts or mistaken beliefs, the whole range of what can be captured and stored, passes through it. Well, beware here sensitive people, autistics also capture elements of the shadow present on Earth. By the way, God, in his kindness, let us know what were these energies that troubled people’s hearts, you only have to read the Bible to better understand or my  Shock Book: Get out of the illusion and find God . I’m taking it easy here, but for your better understanding of what I’m explaining, I have to tell you about it.

This dark side is usually put aside by the masses because people are not aware that everyone who has autism captures in them non-beneficial energy that affects them and they do not know what to do with this information. . For my part, since I have experienced many times what I am explaining to you, I can therefore conscientiously tell you what it is: that exercise is a form of exorcism.

So one of the ways, it is not the only one by the way, to get what disturbs the peace out of the energy field of the person whether he is autistic or not, is to exercise. Why ? What happens energetically speaking when you move, the energy network that runs through the body is stimulated. When you move, it’s as if you activate the fire of this network, the chi, to burn what hinders it. If it is not activated, the limiting energies which are there, settle and crystallize in the body to remain, from where many behavioral problems, anxiety and diseases for example which result from it. .

Concretely, if you are autistic (or not) or if your children are autistic or not, and that you live all kinds of problems, move. Thus, your inner fire will take care of bringing out a little more what is harming you. But beware, you also risk confronting what doesn’t want you to move. It is possible that if you set up physical activity, you have to confront what does not want you to do it. With your will and your intention, go beyond these energies that want to stay in you or in your autistic child (ASD). Please, dear parents, unplug your children from the square box that sows evil (television, internet, video game …) and get your children moving and you too, by the way, move.

For example, taking a walk at a good pace, as trivial as it sounds, is at least a basis for exercising. Ideally for optimal efficiency when you exercise you should sweat and be warm to release, burn and exorcise non-beneficial energies.

Does your child refuse to move or does he not like to walk? It gives you an indication of what should be done: exercise or walk! Here, it is rather the negative energies which act in him and which speak while saying not to want to walk and which make him lazy. So no matter what the refusal is, find a positive way to walk or run anyway. For example, if your child never walks, have him walk for 5 minutes. Encourage him, congratulate him, it’s the very basis of walking. Next time, walk 10 minutes and so on. He may be able to run after …

For my part, I have always walked and played sports alone. It was only when I stopped actively training when I went to live in the mountains in the woods, that I experienced a certain rout because it was dangerous to walk and run on this winding road. When I moved back to the city and went back to training, my inner state changed. I could compare how I felt  before  and  after doing exercise. Even at some point in my life, I was guided to run daily. Since that time, I now run a minimum of 5 kilometers per day for cardio and I also train physically 3-4 days a week (not at the gym, but always alone at home), I feel very good- to be interior and the lethargy which I knew in the past is not any more appointment. Why ? Because when I move and exercise, I release my body from the shadow energies present in this world. When I was not training daily, I had problems, different symptoms because my body had become a dark dumping ground as I explain in the book Autism, reviewed and corrected by an autistic Asperger. Training, moving or exercising is therefore not a choice but a necessity or even an obligation to exorcise yourself from evil and live better in this world and especially if you are autistic.

So there you go, now that you know what you’re doing when you’re on the move, there’s no excuse for not doing it any more. In this early January, if you have not yet set in motion resolutions, do it now, please do not wait another month of January to move!

Thank you for sharing the link of this article, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Sun Melchizedek
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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