Earthing or grounding to the earth, miracles and benefits for better living on this planet


Welcome to the Consciousness of an Autistic Asperger’s Mystic:

Earthing or grounding to the earth, miracles and benefits for better living on this planet

In the past few weeks, I have experienced something truly extraordinary that is very little known here in Quebec and which is called Earthing. Even if in the past, I had already taught at conferences and consultations that it was very important to connect to the earth energetically, it turns out that Earthing allows to go really further in this practice.

First, what is Earthing? Earthing, also called “grounding”, or “connection to the earth”, consists in physically connecting to the energy of the earth to benefit from its vital and healing energy.

Personally, before discovering Earthing, I had great difficulty making the Internet. I understood with the incredible amount of testimony that there is on Earthing (especially in English), that I was probably electro-sensitive. Grounding therefore greatly helped me to find a semblance of “normality” since we live in the age of technology and that it is an integral part of our reality. I can now go more on the Internet although the frequencies of computers do not really match that of the human body.

The next question is but why do Earthing and how do you do it? I invite you to watch the following explanatory video to understand this revolutionary information that is essential for human beings!

To learn more about Earthing, I invite you to visit the new website powered by Un Monde Conscient in order to share this revolutionary and essential information: . You will discover among others:

  • What is Earthing?
  • Scientific studies on Earthing
  • Why it is important to connect to the earth every day
  • The different ways to connect to the earth / Earthing
  • The Benefits of Earth Connection / Earthing on Physical and Mental Health
  • Testimonials from people and specialists who have greatly improved their quality of life thanks to Earthing
  • Other complementary ways to have more vitality in your life

Because sharing can literally transform the life of someone you know, thank you for sharing!

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Sun Melchizedek
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

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