Books on Consciousness and Autism

To walk the path of liberation from suffering, the path of Consciousness, the path of your soul and to get closer to God, these books will help you to walk this path if you wish. It is suggested that you read the books in the order in which they are presented on this page.

Happy reading and welcome to the Consciousness of a Mystic and an Autistic as well as to the path of your soul…


Jesus said no to meat in The Gospel of the Holy Twelve;

In an era when masks are falling and many truths come to light, pure-hearted truth seekers will be answered with this uncovered and uncensored Gospel where Jesus, through His teachings, explains to humanity why He says NO to the meat.

“ Verily I say unto you, for this end have I come into the world, that I may put away all blood offerings and the eating of the flesh of the beasts and the birds that are slain by men. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Jesus, chapter 75, verse 9

“ In the beginning, God gave to all, the fruits of the trees, and the seeds, and the herbs, for food; but those who loved themselves more than God, or their fellows, corrupted their ways, and brought diseases into their bodies, and filled the earth with lust and violence. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, Jesus, chapter 75, verse 10

“ Because compassion and love are true and entire only to all forms of life, those who have ears to hear and eyes to see will recognize in the depths of their soul the true teaching of Jesus and will apply it in their life. Pierre-André Pelletier’s preface


NOTE: I have translated this book into French and I am the author of the preface. A MUST READ…

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Autism, Reviewed And Corrected By A Man With Asperger Syndrom



Discover the hidden face of autism in this work by Pierre-André Pelletier where he delivers highly controversial testimony about autism and his life as a person with autism and Asperger syndrome.
In the form of an interview conducted by Nadine Primeau, Pierre-André, living completely withdrawn from society for over four years, dares to reveal with an open heart, through his story, his reality of an autistic person with Asperger syndrome, his suffering living in this world, his discoveries, his Consciousness and his new understanding of this condition based on his experiences.

With his genius, his Consciousness and his honest discussion, the author will make you see autism in a new way; you will discover nothing less than the real cause of autism that very few people know or talk about. And so through this book Autism, reviewed and corrected by a man with Asperger syndrome, you will gain a new understanding of the reality that only a Conscious autistic individual can explain.

With what you will discover in this book, you may actually find yourself wishing you were an autistic person if you’re not one already, since you will understand a little more about the meaning and purpose of life on Earth.

Pierre-André Pelletier is an autistic person with Asperger syndrome and the author of several new books on the topic of Consciousness.

10 reasons to read the book : Autism, reviewed and corrected by an Asperger’s autistic…

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Shock Book: Get out of the illusion and find God, Written by a Mystic with Asperger Syndrome




After reading this book, which is the result of God’s will, you will be transformed and your vision of the world in which you live will never be the same again. The author gives you, among other things, unpublished and powerful information on what is happening energetically in the different systems of society. It also highlights the origin of human suffering in a way that will leave no one indifferent. Prepare to live the shock of your life!

The most courageous people who will finish this book will discover the way to go to unite with God, nothing less. The author is in close relationship with God and the various energy plans, since his childhood. This book is based on Divine Knowledge that he carries in him as well as on his experiences of life in the plans of matter and energy.

Will you have the courage to step out of the illusion and find God?


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Free Yourself From the Root of Evil: Written by a Mystic with Asperger Syndrome (Healing training book)




In this book, the author shares with you the technique of Conscientization and Liberation, which liberates the energies at the origin of human suffering. As a result of the author’s experiences, you will discover a simple and effective method to release the shadow energies on Earth, also known as the root of evil. These energies maintain nothing less than the human being prisoner of suffering and prevent it from being fully Conscious to fulfill its true destiny.

Using this tool of Consciousness, which bridges the gap between matter and energy, you will be amazed to discover the origin of your various energy sufferings and, above all, the simplicity with which you can identify and release them. With this technique you will also be able to identify and release the unlighted energies present in your living space.

From the collection The Teachings of Consciousness, this book is a practical training that allows you to walk on the path of Consciousness in order to unite with God.

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May the Light of God be: Written by a Mystic with Asperger Syndrome (Healing training book)




From the Teachings of Consciousness collection, this book is a practical training to bring more Light and Consciousness into your life in order to unite you to God. You will discover powerful information and simple and easy-to-use techniques that are the fruit of the author’s experiences in walking the path of union with God.

In this book, which is intended to be the continuity of the Shock Book: Get out of the illusion and find God and from the book Free yourself from the root of evil, you will go even further along the path of Consciousness. You will learn among other things how to observe yourself in consciousness, how to get rid of suffering and how to save your soul. Also, you will have access to the unique Temple of Light technique and of course, you will discover the Ultimate Secret that the author uses to unite with God, and more!

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