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I studied computer science, held management positions and participated in the creation of companies. I have traveled this path in order to be like everyone else and to have some semblance of life on a planet whose way of functioning, ways of doing things and living caused me suffering. In search of a way to free myself from suffering, I experimented with dozens of approaches in the field of health, personal development and energy in order to feel good. It is after many inconclusive experiences that I turned to God and saw my suffering diminish and understood the meaning of life: to be united with God.

PERSONAL (Old life)

Pierre-André experienced many difficulties and discomforts of an energetic nature in his life, because he was fully aware of the shadow present on Earth and in people. These experiences propelled him in his twenties towards a spiritual path. This path, both on a personal and professional level, allowed him to become aware of what was not suitable for him in relation to life on Earth, society and relationships for example. This path also allowed him to undertake a long process of liberation and purification as well as important changes in his life in order to increase his contact with God, whose presence he felt very often since his childhood. His life has been filled for many years with mystical insights and experiences that have literally opened his consciousness and brought about important changes in him. These changes have allowed him to merge with his soul, to come closer to God and thus to let himself be humbly guided at every moment in what he must accomplish during his stay on Earth.



Before answering this question, I should mention that this question refers to the matrix system in which people’s “competence” is evaluated based on training, degrees and experience, but I understand that for some people an answer to this question may be reassuring and necessary. So here is my answer.

I will start briefly with autism which has manifested itself in me since birth as a form of Supra Consciousness and hypersensitivity which makes life in the matrix and its different systems difficult and painful, these corresponding to a type of vibration which is the opposite of this Consciousness.

This autism, more precisely the Asperger’s that manifests itself in me, gives me for example a great capacity to learn by myself quickly everything that my soul desires. The form of autism I am talking about is that of the geniuses (Albert Einstein, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Marie Curie). To learn more and to help you better understand this condition, I invite you to read my book Autism reviewed and corrected and the book Beyond the limits of autism by Nadine Primeau.

I have a background in Computer Science and I held different management positions in which I excelled, but I decided to abandon everything to follow my heart and walk the path to God, because I was not happy in this world and I was suffering …

In my former life, I followed multiple trainings in the following areas: naturopathy, NLP coach training, non-violent communication training, training in connection with the unconscious (Ericksonian and humanistic hypnosis), yoga teacher training (I don’t practice yoga anymore), Geobiology training (energy of the places), Kinesiology, shamanism training (how to do exorcism and travel between the worlds… ) and different training in the field of energy and chakras (Reiki Master, Meditation, full consciousness, the awakening of the light bodies and other various energy initiations and healing techniques. )  Various trainings and readings related to food and veganism.


I have made initiatory trips to Israel, Spain (Santiago de Compostela), Mexico, multiple retreats, hermitages, fasts…

I have practiced for several years as a holistic therapist to help people with different problems (mainly at a distance) and as a geobiologist to bring down the Light in places in order to free disturbed places (mainly at a distance).

I am the author of several books on the subject of Consciousness. I have contributed to the writing of three other books that I have not authored, sharing my expertise on the subject of releasing wandering souls and disturbed places. I received media coverage in several magazines in Quebec when I was a holistic therapist and geobiologist. I have also created different techniques to help people feel better, including the Consciousness Tool, which allows you to identify and release the suffering present in people and places (Full technique available in the book Free Yourself From the Root of Evil). I have also created the Higher Self Technique, which allows you to bring down into your life, into your body, all that you need to live well on earth (Full technique available in the book May the Light of God be)

I have had several initiatory experiences with God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, among others. I had a mystical experience with God who intervened when I was about to die and I refused to go to the hospital (this event is described in the Shock Book: Get out of the illusion and find God. Silence, prayer and meditation occupy a good part of my days, because they are essential to my well-being!



I welcome you to the blog on the conscience of an Autistic Mystic Asperger’s Mystic.  Here I share information with you in the form of texts that are the fruit of my creation and in the form of articles and videos from the Internet related to Consciousness and the various subjects that are dear to my heart. Know that I am direct and I do not take a detour or a white glove to express the bottom of my thoughts when I write or when I speak. Some of my words can also be disturbing because I question many of the ways of doing things and beliefs that contribute to produce suffering and that bring humans into suffering and not to live divinely on earth.

What’s the purpose of this blog?

The purpose of this blog is simple: to do God’s will because He has guided me to share my Consciousness through books and through this blog. I am a humble servant of God and Mother Earth, I do their will. I love God with all my heart and soul. God and Earth are my reason for being and living in this world. I do not seek to be known or loved and recognized by humans, for I am filled with the Love and Presence of God  in my life. My body, soul, mind, heart and life belong and are entirely consecrated to God.

So as unconsciousness is very widespread nowadays and important information is even voluntarily hidden from the human being to keep him ignorant and prisoner, I share my Consciousness.

 By the way, you will notice that it will not be possible to comment on the articles, I have chosen to disable this option, as I have no interest or time to devote to manage and follow up on them.

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Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic


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