Autism, Reviewed And Corrected By A Man With Asperger Syndrome





Discover the hidden face of autism in this work by Pierre-André Pelletier where he delivers highly controversial testimony about autism and his life as a person with autism and Asperger syndrome.
In the form of an interview conducted by Nadine Primeau, Pierre-André, living completely withdrawn from society for over four years, dares to reveal with an open heart, through his story, his reality of an autistic person with Asperger syndrome, his suffering living in this world, his discoveries, his Consciousness and his new understanding of this condition based on his experiences.

With his genius, his Consciousness and his honest discussion, the author will make you see autism in a new way; you will discover nothing less than the real cause of autism that very few people know or talk about. And so through this book Autism, reviewed and corrected by a man with Asperger syndrome, you will gain a new understanding of the reality that only a Conscious autistic individual can explain.

With what you will discover in this book, you may actually find yourself wishing you were an autistic person if you’re not one already, since you will understand a little more about the meaning and purpose of life on Earth.

Pierre-André Pelletier is an autistic person with Asperger syndrome and the author of several new books on the topic of Consciousness.

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VIDEO: Autism, Reviewed And Corrected By A Man With Asperger Syndrome

Reader Testimonials

« For me, I really got this book! I have two aspergers granchildren and I have always known that they have amazing potential if they can only get through the human stuff! I have studied metatphysical science as well as many spiritual studies so I could relate to what the author was getting at. Some people may feel the author is way out on a limb, but it makes fascinating reading and I honour the author for having the courage to go for it and write this book with honesty and openess. Five stars well earned. Incredible insight into the aspergers world!! » By Healthfirst, source :

« I find it a tremendous exposition of what being autistic with Asperger Syndrome is truly like, as I am such a person myself. Am hoping you will publish some of his other writings in English very soon.
M. C. Ohio, USA

I am a fan of your books, I bought the Shock Book and the book Free yourself from the root of evil because I felt in my body different discomforts. Now it’s wonderful everything is perfect and I keep using it every day because it really saved my life. I also have the book Autism Reviewed, the book of initiatic tales, may the Light of God be, Julianna…. Simply a BIG thank you! »Micheline, Quebec, SOURCE : Contact form Un Monde Conscient

« Wow!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this INSPIRING book that allowed me to understand myself a little more, although I’m not an autistic person. Everyone, and particularly autistic individuals, should read this book to bring on positive changes for this world. The author is a genius ! »  Diane, Montreal

« I would like to thank you for having the courage and determination to write your book on autism. Your vision and interpretation of the Asperger’s condition is, in my opinion, quite correct. It is a pleasure to read a testimony like yours on the subject. So, congratulations to you and thank you for sharing. Warmest regards. » Valerie, Suisse, source : email

An extraordinary encounter with an extraordinary consciousness… I give thanks to God…. Blessed is Pierre André Pelletier.It is very wise for those who still wish to save their Soul to read his works…of pure light C.Henrion, Source: Facebook

“I suddenly wanted to write to you. I have read that Pierre-André Pelletier does not want any contact via the Internet, which I understand perfectly. Yet I write. I live in France and I am autistic (Asperger). A year and a half ago, the life of my twin brother (autistic of course) and mine began to change. At the same time, each separately. A story of sudden awakening, a consciousness that continues to expand. Our life, our perception, our feelings, our “hidden” senses, all this has changed, evolves again and again. I have started a lot of research on autism and spirituality. I think there is a real connection with what this world calls Autism, a complex hypersensitivity. That’s how I came to buy “autism, reviewed and corrected by an man…”. It was a joy to know that I was not alone (although you never are). Thank you for doing what you do, for transmitting our truths in this completely illusory world of sleeping slaves. For my part, I continue to transmit in my own way and to awaken the autistic people I know. Thank you!» Mathieu, France Source : contact form: Un Monde Conscient

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