400 reasons to be vegetarian-vegan to save lives and the planet


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400 reasons to be vegetarian-vegan to save lives and the planet

In this article, I would like to share with you a pdf ebook titled  400 reasons to be vegan-vegetarian to save lives and the planet.  This document originally came from a French-speaking website that was abandoned. I don’t know the author of this document (He is anonymous) but I decided to translate it into English with an automated translator. (Sorry for the translation errors).

I invite you to read this document carefully, whether you are vegan or not. I would like to share with you here the introduction to the ebook. You will find the pdf link of the ebook as well as the link to the author’s site at the end of this article.


What if there was a single solution to all the ills on the planet?

Nothing could be more beneficial to human health or increase the chances of survival of life on Earth, than an evolution towards a vegetarian diet.ʺ

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) German physicist, Nobel Prize in 1922, father of the Theory of Relativity

56 billion farm animals killed each year. Here is some information, research, studies and figures that prove Einstein was right.

What is the purpose of my Life?

A question I asked myself …

How can my life have the most positive impact on the planet and its people?

How to save millions of lives without being a doctor or a humanitarian worker…

How to save the planet, its animals, its oceans, its glaciers, its forests and its atmosphere without being a biologist, physicist, head of state or billionaire…

And as strange as it may seem, … just stop eating animals.

I wish you to make the best choices in your lives for yourself and for others. Good reading.

Pdf ebook link: 400 reasons to be vegetarian-vegan to save lives and the planet


Thank you for sharing the link of this article, because it can help souls to live Divinely on earth.

May God bless you and peace be with you!

Pierre-André Pelletier
The Consciousness of an Autistic Mystic

- Text translated from French to English by Machine Translation -
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